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Internet and E-Commerce

The firm has extensively worked, over the year’s, on advising clients on issues pertaining to  social media, virtual worlds, user-generated content, cloud computing, VoIP, open source software and open content which have posed major challenges to existing businesses, government entities, etc. The law firm’s practice primarily relates to the regulation of social, cultural and commercial activity on the World Wide Web as well as the full range of complex policy and legal issues encountered by government entities and businesses.

Our attorneys routinely work to address issues pertaining to internet related statutes and regulations, drafting electronic contracts, working on taxation issues, complying with privacy regulations, and securing and protecting online intellectual property rights.

The practice includes:

  • Drafting website disclaimers, terms and conditions of use, privacy policies, competition rules, and online sales or license agreements and Confidentiality / non-disclosure agreements
  • Drafting, negotiating and advising clients regarding licensing agreements, technology equipment leases, hosting maintenance and support contracts
  • Drafting website development agreements, Software maintenance / support agreements
  • Drafting non-compete agreements
  • Advising clients on disputes between website owners and website designers, including disputes involving content ownership
  • Recovering lost or stolen domain names and domain names registered by cyber squatters
  • Advising clients on Information Technology Law violations
  • Advising clients on online copyright and trademark infringement;
  • Drafting technology use policies for employees, monitoring employee email, and electronic surveillance
  • Advising clients on Software development and acquisition issues

The Information Law practice deals with data and information regulations. This area of the law is focused on information technology, protection of information during creation, storing, transmission and processing of information, and sensitive information regulations that guides regarding retention, collection, use, security, and disposal of such data.